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Students face issues in diagnosing children with developmental disorders as they are almost intertwined. At some point in time, students are antisocial, and parents may think that their children are sick and bring them to the hospital: this warrants that the students should understand the presentation of children with developmental disorders so that they can counsel the mother. Children with conduct disorders tend to be different as their antisocial behaviour is highly severe. Medical psychologists see conduct disorder as a precursor of antisocial behaviour, and therefore, there is a likelihood that children with conduct disorders will develop an antisocial personality disorder. Get the best conduct disorder homework help from experts.

They are many psychology topics that psychologist students get assignment from; conduct disorder being one of them it requires student’s full dedication so that they can be able to tackle the project. Luckily students have been relieved of this burden as they are many online assignment helpers nowadays who help students in tackling their work. is one online assignment help platform that works with a team of experienced conduct disorder homework help experts to help students in answering their assignment.


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Features of Conduct Disorder

Children with conduct disorder are hard to control because they are never willing to follow the rules. They act anyhow without considering the consequences of their actions. Conduct disorders are classified based on the age at which the symptoms are apparent: the childhood-onset where the signs appear before ten years. The adolescent age onset occurs during the teen years and the unspecified beginning, which age of onset is not known.

Most conduct disorder cases are diagnosed during late childhood and early adolescence. The conduct disorder is linked chiefly with antisocial personality disorder, a condition primarily found in adults and involves a lack of empathy and the violation of the rights of others. Most serial killers and rapists show the symptoms of antisocial personality disorders. They are many clinical features that signify that one has a conduct disorder. The following are the behaviours that portray that one has conduct disorders:

  • Aggressive conduct-most people with conduct disorders first present with persistent aggressiveness. Such behaviour includes bullying others in their school, forcing people into sexual activity, using weapons and aggression toward animals or people on purpose.
  • Destructive behaviour- this behaviour irritates the parents and the people around as it destroys property. The destruction stage is usually the most significant in diagnosing the disorder.
  • Violation of rules-people with conduct disorders intentionally breaks the rules, such as running away from school, drug and substance abuse, running away from home and engaging in sexual behaviour at a very young age.
  • Deceitful behaviour-conduct disorder patients most likely present with deceptive conduct such as lying, stealing and forgery. This behavior many affect their life as they can be dismissed from school or taken into police custody.

Why do students learn about Conduct Disorder?

Students studying psychology are taught conduct disorders to help diagnose and treat patients suffering from the condition. There is rise in incidence of patients suffering from conduct disorder and hence there is need of more psychologists to help diagnosis and follow up these kinds of patients. The psychologist will follow up with the patient and observe their behaviours before making a final decision. The students are taught methods of treatment of conduct disorder and how to counsel the mother in taking care of the child. The treatment options for conduct disorder depend on the client’s presenting symptoms, age, and general health. Some of the treatment options include:

  1. Family therapy- the main aim of this treatment option is to help make changes in the family by improving their communication skills and interactions.
  2. The conduct disorder patient can earn better social and interpersonal skills through peer group therapy the group meeting.
  3. Medicines- although conduct disorder patients do not necessarily need drugs, medication may be given to patients with ADHD, a disorder primarily associated with conduct disorder.
  4. Cognitive behavioural therapy is the optimum treatment method as it helps patients learn how to solve problems and handle stress. More so, conduct disorder patients are also taught how to control their impulses and anger.

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Best Conduct Disorder Homework help

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